Welcome to the home of iotaBuildIt. We maintain most of the content in the wiki, so that all users can contribute to the improvement of the site. So you will only find only a simple list of shortcuts here. These are the primary resources you will need relating to iotaBuildIt:

  1. Intro and Tutorial video: (
  2. Wiki home - Starting point for those new to iotaBuildIt
  3. Participate Wiki Page - Details of how to participate in iotaBuildIt, with information about the required software, including:
    1. Scrolling Game Development Kit 2
    2. TortoiseHg
  4. iotaBuildIt Code Repository - From here you can create your own fork of the iotaBuildIt code based on the original or any other user's fork.
  5. Reviews - Post your own updates or play and review others' updates from this wiki page.

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